Rediscover A Past Love for Art
by Melinda Kroeze

When I was a kid I loved to draw. My favorite medium was pen and ink. All I have left to show for countless hours of sketching things around the house and the neighborhood is a 30+ year old age-faded sketch book with a few drawings...then many blank pages. 

i guess college happened, then work, then kids, and I just never really drew again with the exception of purposely-bad stick figure illustrations for my blog. 

I recent dug out my old sketch pad and showed my best friend who has an art background and he was agasp that this was something he didn’t know about me.

Paris is my favorite city, and I am lucky to have wandered through its wonderful offerings of art museums including the Louve and The Musée d'Orsay twice. Walking through an art museum is therapeutic and inspiring to me. Seeing world famous paintings crafted by the greats left me in awe of their talent and their ability to whisk you away into their view of the world. 

Recentky my Dad who dabbled in painting and sketching recently started to paint again,  AND almost as quickly gave it up.

Why do we give up what we enjoy? 

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