Fall 2018! (College AHHH!)
by John Perez

Welcome Fall 2018!

So, we’re inching closer and closer to August and for a lot of you, that means you’ll be starting your first semester at one of the many Theatre Programs you auditioned for over the last year or so. Chances are, what you’re feeling is the perfect combination of…well, excited and scared. That’s okay though! It is perfectly natural to be feeling this way, as it is a big transitional period in your life. And a big life event such as going away to college comes with tons of questions. The questions I get most are “How do you like it?” and “What is it like?” And you know…they’re fairly simple questions and, I won’t lie, I usually give simple answers…but those questions really are a little more complex than they seem. So, I’ll do my best to give a slightly complex, yet honest answer.


            I’ll preface this by saying that I LOVE my major. I used to be a music major, gearing up to going into Music Education, and long story short, I wasn’t happy. I knew I loved singing, so I couldn’t give it up. Fast forward after some experience and much needed guidance from my Theatre Professor at my community college, I found myself a program I loved and switched majors. Again, I love my major and the program I’m in (Go Argos!) But it is A LOT of work. Everyone says it but no one ever realizes how true it is until you’re there. Now granted, it is all a matter of how you approach the work: if you treat everything like an assignment for a grade instead of an opportunity to learn something and grow from it, you probably won’t have that good of a time. In fact, you may even stress yourself out beyond belief. Trust me, even I have had those moments. And those bad days will happen, but again, it’s a matter of how you handle it. I’ve been angry, I’ve been disappointed, I’ve even cried a time or ten. I’ve also gotten the chance to sing, act, dance…do all the things I love to do. Hell, I’d even venture to say that I’ve gotten better at those things. I mean, that’s what college is for, right? I’ve also gotten to travel, audition, network, perform in some incredible shows, and form incredible friendships with people who are like me.


            So be sure to take notes, and really try to learn something. This is the thing that’s going to lead to what you’ve been dreaming about your whole life. College is a place where you discover who you are, and the time goes by a lot quicker than you expect. (I remember my program audition 2 ½ years ago as if it was yesterday.) so cherish your time and ENJOY YOURSELF. No one is making you do Theatre, you GET to do Theatre…and if you don’t know your way around a piano, use the summer to get familiar. Because you’re gonna spend hours in that practice room…at least if you’re doing college right. Now go make some art!

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